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Do you dream of giving your home a designer look without the price tag?

Spectacular Spaces has the decorating solutions to make it happen.  Maybe you need new fabric, rearrangement of accessories or help picking out paint colors.  Thinking about creating a great outdoor living space?  Trying to decide about new furniture? You may want an entire room makeover, tips on green décor or decorating small spaces.  Need help designing a home office or with selling a home?  Or you may not know what you need!  Maybe just a walk through your home with a decorator to get some fresh thoughts.


Who are our clients?
They want a tasteful and stylish décor along with good, multifunctional design that maximizes their space. Many want to integrate green design principles wherever it makes sense and works within the budget.  Most have a limited budget to work with and they want to know up-front what their project will cost and how they can economize wherever possible. Some are do-it-yourselfers and  are looking for a designer who is willing to work with them as an advisor as well as a decorator. That’s what we do. We work with our clients to create a beautiful home. Affordably.

Whatever your decorating needs, we can help.  Call us. We offer a free phone consultation.  Our pricing is structured to provide affordable services depending upon your lifestyle and budget.   Unlike traditional designers, we don’t sell you anything except our professional service.  For a fraction of the cost.

Professionally trained and certified, we have been transforming homes one room at a time for 10 years.  Give us a chance to work our magic on yours.

Feeling blah about your rooms?  Home Interior Makeovers to the rescue.
An affordable way to redecorate your home and an alternative to expensive, conventional design services.  Using your favorite pieces, we offer creative solutions for furniture, color, art and accessories, lighting, windows and flooring.  The consultation includes a detailed design plan and source recommendations.  Call us before making purchases to avoid making a mistake!   We work by the room for a flat fee per room.

Add some color!  Color Solutions makes it fun and easy.
One of our most popular services.  Selecting color is one of the more challenging tasks for many homeowners.  And it is the most important component of any room because it ties everything together:  furnishings, accessories, fabric.  It sets the mood of your home.  It is also a cost-effective way to make a complete change in your space.  Using the Benjamin Moore color system, we help you capture the look and feel that you want for your home.  With more 3,300 colors in the collection, we take the fear out of color selection!  Following the consultation, large samples of your color selections are sent to your home.  "The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." Coco Chanel

Shake it up for a change.  Arrangement of Art & Accessories & Furniture.
Have great collections scattered all over the house?  Looking for a way to show off your art?  Bland couch that needs some colorful pillows?  Rearranging and regrouping will give your space a completely new look.  If you have a lot of collections and artwork, we may recommend seasonal rotating. Or maybe you don't know what you need and would just like some ideas from a decorator! So instead of buying more, call us first and let’s see what we can do with what you have.  Then we will decide if you need to go shopping!  Our clients love this service.

Get your home moving!  Resale-Ready® gives it a fresh look.
Home or condo just sitting on the market?  Surrounded by lots of other “for sale” signs?  We work our magic to make a house really appeal to potential buyers.  This is not a service that packs up your belongings and brings in new furniture.  We take what you have and tell you how to make it sparkle like a model home, starting at the front door and working our way through each room.  The added bonus is that you get to enjoy your new look until it sells! More details.

Planning to relocate to southwest Florida?
When it comes to stressful life changes, moving is at the top of the list. Whether it’s a relocation for a new job or for your vacation dream house, it’s always overwhelming. That is where Spectacular Spaces comes in.  Because so many of our clients relocate to southwest Florida, this is an area in which we are experienced and our professional services are designed to offer solutions and make you feel comfortable in your new space as soon as possible. And we begin before you start packing with a free phone consultation to help assess your specific needs and how we can help. From there, we will help with literally everything or you can select from our menu of new home services. We help you decide how to use your existing furnishings and accessories, select paint colors and wall coverings, hang artwork, design lighting and window treatments. We assist with flooring and will turn your balcony, porch, lanai or pool area into a beautiful outdoor space. In addition, we will take you shopping, give you a tour of the beautiful Miromar Design Center, recommend sources, pass along trade discounts. And because we want to take the stress out of turning your new house into a beautiful home, we will even recommend restaurants, day trips  and the best nearby beaches when you need a break!

Living a simpler, richer life:  Downsizing Solutions.
Change is never easy. When it comes to living smaller, deciding what to keep is always a challenge.  Moving from a home into an apartment.  Retiring? Relocating into a retirement community or assisted living?  Or maybe you are reconfiguring your current home for a new baby, parent or returning children.  It could be that you are just looking to make life simpler. We walk you through every step to maximize your space and find solutions to make it functional as well as beautiful.

Seasonal resident and need help with a project?
Spectacular Spaces will work with you on all of the details, sparing you the stress and inconvenience of living in your home during the construction! We handle everything from project management to supervision.  We consult with contractors and sources.  Assist with selection of everything involved in the project. Prepare a budget.  Organize the project and supervise the installation.  You can be here for part of the process or we will send photos and you can return when the work is done! Call us for details!

Dream of escaping to a spa? Turn your bath into a Spectacular Spa retreat!
Let us create a luxurious spa-like environment that you can enjoy everyday. Spectacular Spaces will show you some ideas for making changes in your bath that will have you feeling relaxed and rested in no time.  We have products from some of the most popular boutique hotel collections in the world.  From a showerhead that gives a sense of standing in a rain forest to popular curved hotel shower rods that save space and create a beautiful design element, our bath transformations will make you forget booking a trip to a spa!

Need help with a purchase?  Our shopping service helps you avoid mistakes!
At Spectacular Spaces, we work with our clients to start with what you have in your home as the foundation for your design plan.  We create a plan for each room and work with you to decide what, if any, purchases are needed.  Many of our clients have us assist them with final decisions about major expenditures.  Furniture, fabric, accessories, artwork, accent pieces, antiques and everything in between. We will shop with you to help avoid costly decorating mistakes.

Want to hear more?  Speaking engagements and customized workshops.
Spectacular Spaces speaks to many groups and hosts workshops on a variety of topics:  how to correct the  most frequently seen decorating mistakes in your home,  decorating to create a more balanced lifestyle, downsizing, living simple. We can tailor something for your meeting or for a fun afternoon or evening in your home.  For a sample of what we offer go to workshops and contact us to discuss.

Need a gift idea they will love?  Spectacular Spaces decorating gift certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion:  one size fits all and they are never returned!  For all of the major holidays as well as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming, new from any of our services above or have us create a special gift package for your celebration.