Color Solutions Service

It's a fact. Color is the most important decorating feature of your home. If you only have the time or budget to make one change in your home, this is it.

Color is pretty much my life. I live with a fan deck in my hand and I constantly pull it out wherever I go to match colors, to plan a color palette or just because I see a color or a fabric that I want for a client.

As a Southwest Florida interior decorator, I do more color consultations than any other design service.  And there is one big reason for that: Color is the most difficult challenge for most homeowners. Get it right and the results are pure joy. Get it wrong and you will always feel like something is off in your home. And it is. Really off. If the color is not right, nothing else matters. Trust me on this.

At Spectacular Spaces, we help you get it right. Having the right color palette in your home is the difference between a happy home and one that says "hope you can live with me."

One of our most popular services, our affordable color consultation ties everything together:  furnishings, accessories, fabric.  It sets the mood of your home.  It is a cost-effective way to make a complete change in your space.  Using the Benjamin Moore color system, we help you capture the look and feel that you want for your home.  With more 3,300 colors in the collection, we take the fear out of color selection!  Following the consultation, large samples of your color selections are sent to your home.

Your Color Solutions service includes:

  • Working with you to determine the best color palette for your space.
  • Large samples of your color selections are sent to your home following the appointment.
  • Recommendation of professional painter if needed.

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