Interior Decorating Services

Whether you are starting over or just refining what you have, we have inspiring ideas and solutions that will improve your home.

What we know for sure: you don't have to be rich to have a beautiful home. When it comes to affordable interior decorating, we exceed your expectations. What you have to say matters to us. And most important of all: we don't sell you anything. There are no markups on purchases. We pride ourselves on full transparency and share our discounts with you. We work on a flat fee basis depending upon what you need. It's worked for our clients for 15 years.  You will know the charge at the end of our phone consultation. Read more about our services:

Let's be honest. It's not always simple. It takes courage to create an amazing home.

Perhaps you have just relocated to the area with a truckload of furniture that's not working in your new home. Or you are trying to blend two different tastes and styles into one home. And maybe you are happy with what's in your home but you just need to give it a fresh, new look. We do this all the time with our clients! We have lots of tricks of the trade for giving your space a new look without spending a fortune.

An affordable way to redecorate your home and an alternative to expensive, conventional design services, we begin with your favorite pieces and offer creative solutions for furniture, color, art and accessories, lighting, windows and flooring. In addition, we will style your home for resale. Assist with downsizing. Take you shopping for furniture or accessories. But most important: Call us before making purchases to avoid making a mistake. MORE.

If you know that you need design help but can't figure out exactly what you need… you aren't alone!

What you need is a plan.

Anyone who has read my articles in the Fort Myers News-Press knows that as a Florida interior decorator, I recommend coming up with a plan before moving ahead with any change or addition to your home. That is what this service is all about. Creating a plan. Avoiding mistakes. A stress-free experience.

Our Design Day package gives you a chance to walk-through your home with an interior decorator, one-on-one, to help you pull it all together at your own pace. And it also gives you a plan, whatever your challenges. Maybe it's one room. Or you might need to talk about specific changes throughout the home. We can create a color palette. We will give you our expert advice on home decor ideas that include advice on window treatments, flooring accessories and artwork.  MORE.

It's a fact. Color is the most important decorating feature of your home.

Color is pretty much my life. I live with a fan deck in my hand and I constantly pull it out wherever I go to match colors, to plan a color palette or just because I see a color or a fabric that I want for a client.

As a certified, Southwest Florida interior decorator, I do more color consultations than any other design service.  And there is one big reason for that: Color is the most difficult challenge for most homeowners. Get it right and the results are pure joy. Get it wrong and you will always feel like something is off in your home. And it is. Really off. If the color is not right, nothing else matters.

At Spectacular Spaces, we work with homeowners to get it right. We help you overcome your color fear. After all, having the right color palette in your home is the difference between a happy home and one that says "hope you can live with me." MORE.