Creative Results Affordably Done

Many of our clients have us come into their homes to provide creative solutions to their specific decorating needs. In addition to room makeovers, we provide sources, recommend paint colors, rearrange accessories, artwork and furnishings, help create a beautiful outdoor space and much more. Typically, we have one or more appointments and our clients take it from there. Following our detailed Design Notes and completing the project themselves. Knowing that we are a phone call away to return to provide more assistance. Which we often do. Other clients work with us from beginning to end on a project, providing us with the opportunity to see the project all the way through to the finished makeover. We are able to determine on our first appointment, what will work best for each individual client.

Our featured projects include photos from the homes of clients who have worked with us both ways. After all, this is a creative process and we adjust our services to your specific needs as we transform your house into a beautiful home. Affordably done.