Designer Day Service

If you know that you need design help but can't figure out exactly what you need… you aren't alone. This service is perfect for a newly purchased home or if you are looking for a transformation of a home you have lived in for a while.

What you need is a plan.

If you have read my articles in the Fort Myers News-Press, you know that as a Florida interior decorator, I recommend coming up with a plan before moving ahead with any change or addition to your home. That is what this service is all about. Creating a plan. Avoiding mistakes. A stress-free experience. Fun and exciting. Affordable. Custom-designed for your home and your lifestyle.

Our Designer Day service gives you a chance to walk through your home with an interior decorator, one-on-one, to help you pull it all together at your own pace. And it also gives you a plan, whatever your challenges. Maybe it's one room. Or you might need to talk about specific changes throughout the home. We will work with you to create a color palette. We will give you our expert advice on home decor ideas that include advice on window treatments, flooring, accessories and artwork. We  make recommendations that will help you refresh your home with a new look and assist you in creating your own unique style. You may wish to do the work on your own after we consult on specific areas of your home. Or call us back to help with the entire project.


Your Designer Day package includes:

  • Up to three hours of consulting in your home.

  • Design advice that will improve and refresh your space.

  • Preparation of a detailed summary of Design Notes and specific recommendations that may be implemented on your timeline and budget. These will be sent to you within five business days of the consultation.

  • A follow-up phone consultation to discuss the plan and next steps.

We will discuss:

  • What you would like to accomplish in your space.

  • Your design style (if you don't have one, we will help you come up with one!)

  • What you already own and how it fits into your vision for the space.

  • What you need to purchase and how to avoid making mistakes.

  • A realistic budget.

The result:

  • Focused time with an expert.

  • Design Notes recapping what we did and next steps for turning your ideas into reality.

  • A clarified concept for your space so that you may proceed with confidence.

  • Recommendations for purchases and sources.

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