Home Interior Makeover Service (per room)

It’s not always simple.

Perhaps you have just relocated to the area with a truckload of furniture that's not working in a particular room in your new home. Or you are trying to blend two different tastes and styles into one home. And maybe you are happy with what's in your home but you just need to give one particular room a fresh, new look.  We have lots of tricks of the trade for giving your space a refresh without spending a fortune.

An affordable way to redecorate your home and an alternative to expensive, conventional design services based on sales commissions, we begin with your favorite pieces and offer creative solutions for furniture, color, art and accessories, lighting, windows and flooring. In addition, we will style your home for resale.  Assist with downsizing. Take you shopping for furniture or accessories. But most important: Call us before making purchases to avoid making a mistake. You may wish to do the work on your own after we consult on a specific area of your home. Or call us back to help with the entire project.

Your Interior Makeover includes:

  • A review of the room and how it may be improved.

  • Identify decorating mistakes and offering solutions.

  • Evaluation of your space with recommendations of how to re-purpose and reuse furnishings.

  • Provide a new color palette for the room.

  • Offer suggestions of new purchases, accessories, artwork that will enhance your existing pieces.

  • Design Notes recapping what we recommend and next steps.

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