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Tips for filling home sweet home with happiness

Wrenda Goodwyn • Home Inspirations special to the Fort Myers News-Press• Feb. 2, 2013

Let’s face it. We are all on decorating overload. HGTV. Pinterest. Facebook. RSS feeds. Blogs. Magazines.... and the list goes on and on and on.

Create a new color palette as shown in this bathroom featuring Benjamin Moore's Sea Star (lower wall) and Lime Sickle (upper walls). Visit for more ideas. / Photo courtesy of Benjamin MooreWe are constantly being told what to do, how to do it, the best way to do it, what color to do it and where to go to purchase what we need to do it. All good information but it is easy to focus on what you would like to have rather than what you do have.

And I feel your pain. Imagine being a southwest Florida interior decorator — we are exposed to the most beautiful of everything that can possibly go into a home. The result: We are in a constant state of wanting to redo our own homes (speaking for myself of course).

So my suggestion is this: If you have not done your 2013 decorating resolutions yet (anyone?), take a deep breath (or a time out) and think about what is most important to you.

For example, rather than throwing out all of your furniture and purchasing new, think about what is in your home that makes you happy. What do you love? Make a list and start from there.

Maybe rather than redoing your kitchen, you should think about painting the walls, adding some new hardware and purchasing a beautiful light fixture. My favorite four changes for the most impact: paint color, crown molding, new switch plates and new door knobs.

Remember: Decorating is all about happiness in your home. It is not about what is in or out. It’s about what makes you happy.

Try this exercise: Pretend you are selling your home. Take an imaginary prospective buyer room-to-room. Point out the best features of each room. Make a list.

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Back from the past: restored 1890's ice box is ready for its closeup

Updated on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 12:26PM by Registered CommenterWrenda

It may come from the fact that I was born and raised in Virginia's Peninsula area. Surrounded by the history of Yorktown and Williamsburg. The ghosts from our country's past were everywhere.

I've always held a fascination and wonder for antiques from the past – primitive furniture mostly – that was used by our ancestors in their homes, shops and workplaces. From dry sinks to pie safes, from step back cupboards to wooden iceboxes and farm tables and beyond, their faded paint, worn patina, scrapes and knife cuts almost speak out loud their past and individual stories. And as a Fort Myers interior decorator, I love working vintage pieces into the beach houses, traditional and contemporary homes where a little wow is needed.

In fact, with a little imagination, sometimes one discovers a piece that almost cries out to you, “Look at me…if you only knew the history I have been through…the people who have used me in their daily lives…the conversations that I have heard from owners long-since gone.  And while my looks have long since diminished, I am still standing.”

Such has been the case with much of the antique furniture I have found and collected over the years, one-of-a-kind pieces that I will always treasure. And up until recently, I thought I’d seen just about every antique that could possibly take my breath away.  I was wrong.

Last summer, on a website of a well-known architectural salvage firm in Roanoke Virginia, I stumbled upon an offering of what can only be called the “mother of all ice boxes.”

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Kravet's new Metropolitan collection: beautiful and ideal solution for open floor plans 

Kravet chaiseKravet one-arm chaise lounge.It's no secret that I love Kravet

As a Fort Myers interior decorator, I can always find beautiful fabrics, furnishings, wall coverings,  trimmings, hardware, accessories and much more for my clients. It is where I often go for decorating inspiration when I need an idea for a new project. From traditional to transitional to contemporary and everything in between for the southwest Florida always has the most wonderful, fresh ideas. 

And every now and then, Kravet unveils a new line that makes me want to completely start over in my own home! Something so great that I can't wait to share it with my clients. And here it is:  New from Kravet Furniture, the Metropolitan collection features sofas, sectionals and chairs made with soft, graceful upholstery and finished with exotic metals and materials. It can be upholstered with with any fabric, vinyl or leather and there is a selection of wood finishes and sleek nailhead trim to complete the look.  Which allows for lots of creativity in designing your own pieces.

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New Year's Eve: Finding peace at home as we wait for 2013 to arrive

Artwork by Sarah Kiser

Courtesy of artist Sarah Kiser who creates beautiful, dreamlike works. I am fortunate to have two of her famous "Mermaids" in my own home and they are a treasure. Thank you, Sarah for sharing this today.   

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a break from blogging and facebooking.

I was feeling a little sad and tired.

So unspeakably sad about the Newtown school shooting. Tired of listening to the politicizing of gun control. Worried about where our country is going and who is going to stand up and be a real leader.

With all of these overwhelming things swirling around, I decided that the color of the year and the latest decorating tips were just not that important. So I took some time off from information overload and tried to recenter myself.

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