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Painted flooring: a fresh option for your home

Painted flooring seems to be all the rage. On porches, bathrooms, entire homes. If you are thinking about taking on this project yourself or having it done professionally, you may be interested in my Home Inspirations column this weekend. If you are wondering if this is right for your home, call me. As a southwest Florida interior decorator,  I have great sources and we can help you decide what works best for your home!

Wrenda Goodwyn • special to the Fort Myers News-Press• May 4, 2013 

It's an age-old technique.  And painted floors are beautiful. They conceal imperfections in a floor that has seen better days. Furnishings are highlighted on a painted floor. Geometric designs add drama.  A white or whitewashed floor is perfect for a beach house or country-style home. Painted on wide planks and the floor takes on a Tuscan look. Neutral tones work with contemporary or traditional. And a high gloss black or chocolate brown floor is ever so chic!

Photo of Benjamin Moore stenciled floorPhoto: Benjamin Moore.It's a fresh new look for a tired floor. It hides imperfections. It is a design element that you can create yourself and make it unique to your home.
Painted floors are low maintenance. Require little care. And painting a floor is far less expensive than putting in a new one. It takes “using what you have to a new level.”
Benjamin Moore’s Latex Self-Priming Floor and Patio Enamel offers a durable low-luster finish and no sealer required. For a more polished look, top it with a coat of water-based polyurethane. This makes it perfect for high-traffic areas since it adds a protective layer. There are many videos and tutorial available with detailed instructions on how to paint a floor yourself. One even describes it as “as easy as painting your nails.” While I don’t quite believe it is quite that simple, many do-it-yourselfers achieve beautiful results.

Photo of Benjamin Moore painted floorPhoto: Benjamin Moore. Featuring Benjamin Moore's 2013 Color of the Year, Lemon Sorbet, combined with Peachy Keen, Dark Linen and Thundercloud Gray. No special tools are needed.  It does take a few days to dry and some patience is required to complete the project. But it is fun and instantly rewarding. If you believe as I do that nothing changes a room as much as color, it goes double for painted flooring.
If doing it yourself is a little more than you want to commit to, the Wood Floor Company, serving  all of southwest Florida, has a beautiful hand painted wood line that can be customized to a homeowner’s exact specifications of width thickness, lengths, choice of engineered or solid with multiple color specifications. You can create a unique floor all your own.
Wood Floor Company Owner Tricia Pallack says that painted flooring is used in rooms with a shabby chic look as well as in contemporary homes.  She says some of her color choices include rich tangerine, flamingo pink, olde country white, robin egg blue.

Photo of paint choices from The Wood Floor CompanyColor selections from The Wood Floor Company in Naples. Or create your own custom color. 
“We use engineered or solid oak as a base and add a polyurethane finish. Cleaning is easy and we recommend an organic, all natural approach: one part vinegar to 10 parts water. Add essential oils in a squirt bottle. This works great for spot cleaning. Otherwise, just vacuum it lightly.”
And the best news: when you are tired of the color or look, the forgiving surface floors allows for the flooring to be sanded and refinished in a golden oak or another color.
Tip: If you are hesitant about jumping into this unique treatment, whether doing this yourself or having it done professionally,  try it in a smaller room like a bathroom or laundry room.
Painted flooring is a great way to simplify your home decorating. It’s beautiful, long lasting and affordable.  Give it a try. 
Wrenda Goodwyn is a Southwest Florida interior decorator. Her column, Home Inspirations appears the first Saturday of each month. Visit her website at Call her at 949-1808 or e-mail For more decorating tips and photos, visit

Benjamin Moore

The Wood Floor Company


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When paint color is just not enough: wall coverings make bold design statement

Wrenda Goodwyn • special to the Fort Myers News-Press• April 27, 2013 

If you are like most homeowners, when you hear the term "wallpaper,"  you immediately think about scraping sheets of flowery pastels of the wall and then repairing the wall. Or you remember your grandmother's kitchen.  In other words, a thing of the past.

They began centuries ago as a way to protect walls and only the aristocracy could afford them. Wall papers meant that you had made it. Then for the past few years the allure faded.

Photo: Cole and Son and Lee Jofa.Today the term is "wall coverings" and many are not paper at all.  They have come a long way, have been totally reinvented  and done correctly, wall coverings can be a powerful design element in a home.  Murals that take you away, metals, crystals, grass cloths, hand painted papers, silver threads and anything you can imagine. There are even companies that allow you to design your own paper.

We now see them in design magazines and in model homes. Wall coverings are no longer backdrops. They are focal points and should be treated as such.  Pair the right combination of color and wall covering design and turn a blah room into a spectacular space.

With Pixers City Never Sleeps collection of mural ( we see a  tribute to the great metropolises that for ages have inspired not only artists, but also most importantly, ordinary people. Pixers says: "The cities that are a continuous dazzle of lights and cacophony of noises, but still attract like a magnet."

Photo: Pixercise.You can have a view of Paris from your living room or have your office in a cafe. A jazz band in your TV room or wake up in Paris. The sketches are bold and sexy.  And best of all, you can  specify the size of the mural to fit your space.

You may want to give wall coverings another look if bold paint colors just aren't enough. If you want to do something that reflects your decorating style and personality in a big way.


Wall covering tips:

• Make an entrance.  Select a bold color for the front foyer and add a paper that accentuates the color.
• Powder room.  Designers love wall coverings in powder rooms. We/you can do something totally outrageous in this room.  Bling it up and make a statement.
Photo: Cole and Son and Lee Jofa• Laundry room.  Use your imagination and try a whimsical pattern.
• For the kiddies. Forget pastels. Select a wall covering that will grow with the child. Neutral backgrounds with playful patterns.
• Complement your furnishings. A modern print works well in a space with a natural and casual style. With neutrals  sofas and wood accent pieces, try a graphic pattern in a combination of colors.
• Maximum impact.  Select a wall with no windows and doors for wallpaper and paint the rest of the room background color of the paper.
• Nursery. Cover one wall with a modern animal print and paint the remaining walls in a gender neutral shade.
• Love the look but concerned about budget? Select the room's focal point to highlight with an eye-catching print. Then paint the walls in the background color of the paper. The best of both decorating elements!
• Afraid of wall covering commitment?  Pick a design that speaks to you and cover an accent wall.  Minimal investment until you decide how much you love it!                                                                                          

Photo: Ralph Lauren HomeAccording to Shauna Dennison, creative director of Cole & Son, (available to the trade  through the Kravet showroom in Estero)  popular designs continue to include traditional and classic patterns.  However she is seeing a move towards "larger scale, bolder wallpapers."

"This rise in murals and panel designs has in part been driven by huge advances in digital printing technology.

"We are seeing the rise of creativity in wall coverings... wallpaper has become a feature to build interior schemes around, rather than a background element. Large scale, whimsical designs are the conversational piece within a design scheme. The new Fornasetti II collection leads this trend with a series of striking theatrical designs that have been produced on wide widths giving the pattern repeats far greater space, creating a mural like quality."

At Ralph Lauren Home, the Textures Collection is filled with embroidery, damask and woven designs, natural seagrass, cork and scroll. These blend well against the blue-green shades that are the backdrop for southwest Florida homes. For details, visit the showroom in Miromar Design Center. 

Wrenda Goodwyn is a Southwest Florida interior decorator. Visit her website at Call her at 949-1808 or e-mail For more decorating tips and photos, visit

Sources:Photo: Ralph Lauren Home.
Kravet (To the Trade)
Miromar Design Center
10800 Corkscrew Road
Suite 398
Estero, FL 33928


Webster & Company
Miromar Design Center
10800 Corkscrew Road
Suite 348
Estero, FL 33928




Lessons learned from the flying trapeze

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, I flew on a trapeze.

I won’t say that it was completely done with “the greatest of ease,” but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. 

Along with three colleagues, I was invited by Trapeze Federation to try out their newest location on International Drive in Orlando. It’s difficult to describe. It's a total body workout (they teach you what to do on the ground before you head up the ladder). 

You may remember Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex in the City episode, “The Catch.”She tries out the trapeze and gets to the last part and misses the catch. It is a hilarious episode.

I’ve always believed that every now and then I need a challenge of learning something new that's totally out of my comfort zone. This did it for me.

Photo at Trapeze Federation in OrlandoPracticing on the ground. I am going to reach how far to catch the bar?There are four parts and the great staff make sure that you have some degree of confidence before going to each new step.

The first step is just climbing up the ladder (30 feet). As trainer Efe Ilkay says, “It looks a lot higher when you are up on the platform.”


If climbing the ladder (step two) doesn't make you cry, you (harnessed) step outPhoto at Trapeze Federation in OrlandoReady or not! on the platform and reach out (way out), grab the bar and swing! Yes. swing. Just like when you were a kid.

Step three, you repeat the swing and this time, hang by your knees. Step four, you repeat and this time let go and complete the catch with a strong trainer who makes it all look easy. And did I mention the net? The best part, falling into the net. Seriously.

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Shedding light on illuminating a home

Need some help sorting out your lighting needs and how it all fits into your decor?  Check out these tips in my Home Inspirations column in the Fort Myers News-Press. 


Wrenda Goodwyn • special to the Fort Myers News-Press• April 6, 2013

"How to" books have been written about the proper way to light a home.

And yet, if you are like most homeowners, you have rooms filled with lamps, sconces, ceiling lights and chandeliers. Still, it doesn't seem to be quite right.

Photo of Addie Pendant from Ballard Designs

                                                 Addie pendants from Ballard Designs

The generously sized shade of this mouth-blown glass pedant light was inspired by a vintage jar. Hang it above an island, breakfast bar or work area for  casual style.

Lighting is much more than functional. It has become a major design element in our homes. It can add the pop that you need to accent a room or it can fade into the background. Done well, lighting can totally change a room. Either way, some basic tips will help to select the type of lighting that is needed and to make it part of your decorating plan.

What every room needs:


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