A Sad Week: Then a mermaid appeared

"Pretty Mermaid" by Sarah Kiser

"Pretty Mermaid" by Sarah Kiser

It was the saddest of weeks.  

Sad.  Heartbreaking.  Gut-wrenching.  We all know that life sometimes is just not fair and can change in a moment. 

So, my week could not have been much worse.  And then a mermaid appeared.

My husband, who has always been good at trying (and almost always succeeding) to make things better, even it if it is just for a moment, gave me my Christmas present early.

It is a mermaid by Sarah Kiser, a wonderful southwest Florida artist who displays her work at the Island Visions Gallery in the quaint little artist colony of Matlacha.  She does whimsical, beautiful mermaids that will capture your heart.  I have wanted one fora long time.  Little did I know that my husband had one hidden away for Christmas.  He decided to make today Christmas.

She is beautiful as you see in the photo.  Her name is "Pretty Mermaid," and that is just what she is with long flowing blond hair, pearls and limey green and blue vines and willowy things floating around her. 

So, Sarah Kiser, if you are listening: thank you for your mermaids and for giving me a happy escape from the sadness of loss.  My mermaid appeared at just the right time.