Try these (FREE!) decorating tips at home

In this week's Home Inspirations column I thought I would share a few of my favorite decorating tips! 


Wrenda Goodwyn • special to the Fort Myers News-Press• August 27, 2011


When I speak to organizations throughout southwest Florida, I always offer some tips that my audience can actually go home that day and either try them out or include them in the decorating plan in their own homes. 

Try some of these ideas for making quick changes that may make you like your home a lot more! 

The best news: Many of them are absolutely free or will cost very little to implement. My top decorating trips that anyone can implement are listed below. Give them a try! 

• Keep your decorating plan simple and uncomplicated.

• Declutter. It makes all the difference: Start with the refrigerator magnets and work through old stacks of magazines. Then remove some furniture if your room seems too crowded.

• Color is a decorator's most valuable tool and it can be yours as well. Follow this color rule for distributing color and you can't go wrong: 20% walls, 30% furniture, 10% accessories.

 • When selecting paint colors, follow nature as your guide. Mother Nature has perfected the color palette so imitate her. This is a rule I always follow and I have never been sorry.  See below:

Photo of nature's colorsOne of nature's color palletes photographed at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

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Easy tips for turning your bath into a blissful spa escape

Easy tips for turning your bath into a blissful spa escape

Check out my latest Home Inspirations column in the Fort Myers News-Press for tips on turning your bath into a blissful spa escape. 

News-Press, October 23, 2010 by  Wrenda Goodwyn

There is no more peaceful escape than retreating into your own personal spa. You can include soothing colors, candles, aromatherapy, a new spa robe and slippers, fluffy white towels, neck pillow, relaxing music, favorite soaps, body lotions and oils.
It is possible to include spa and bath products from some of the most popular boutique hotel collections in the world, from a showerhead that gives a sense of standing in a rain forest to popular curved hotel shower rods that save space and create a beautiful design element.

You can do them all with a few tips to get started.

• Explore hotel collections. Some of my favorites are the showerhead from the Fairmont Hotel. Eco-friendly products from Marriott Hotels. Trendy and hip decor from W Hotels. Bath products from Sonesta Hotels. All have websites that sell everything from the furnishings to lighting.

• Declutter. Keep all surfaces clean and sparkling. Use attractive baskets or jars to hold and store accessories.

• Color. This one is subjective but no color says "spa" like a beautiful clean white. Blues are also calming and greens are relaxing. Some of my favorites: Benjamin Moore's Sweet Dreams, Brilliant White, Silver Satin, Fresh Dew.

• Mirrors. If you are going to paint, replace the mirror. If your bath is small, use one with a frame or consider framing a plain mirror. Or frame the mirror on the wall without the expense of removing it. Check out If you have a double vanity, replace a stark, large mirror with two framed mirrors (Pottery Barn, West Elm, Home Goods).

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