Decorating focus: Spring

Photo of colorful rugs

Realizing that it is only January 15, I woke up this morning to 35 degrees in southwest Florida and started to think about spring. It must have been a flashback to my Virginia Peninsula roots. This is the time of year that I always started to dream about summer days and wish they were not so far off.

Photo of bathroomPhotos courtesy of Garnet Hill.Today is a glorious, sunny, blue sky day in Florida. But it is cold. We have about three days a year that are like this. So, while I was rummaging through the back of my closet for my Ugg boots, I was thinking cold. But when I saw this gorgeous photo from the Garnet Hill catalogue, aside from wanting this room with its great light, beautiful distressed, whitewashed flooring and the jewel-toned hooked rug, I started to think about spring. 

So, for those you who have told me that you have not yet taken down your Christmas tree (and you know who you are) because your home will seem so dull, take a look at some of these ideas from the Garnet Hill catalogue and start thinking about putting some spring into your home. It really isn't that far off.

Since the first of the year, Spectacular Spaces has talked with lots of clients who want to put a little color into their rooms.  So, I found a few ideas and accessories. Tomorrow it will be 80 again in Florida.  But I will still be thinking about spring! 


Some of my favorites from Garnet Hill: 

 Photo of picture framesWeathered picture frames.

 Photo of potteryBauer earthenware pottery.

Photo of pillow coversAnimal hooked wool pillow covers.

Photo of shower curtainReversible shower curtain.

Photo of lampsPorcelain table lamps.