Here's to best friends, Tory Burch and living in color

I love Tory Burch.

Her clothes. Her shoes. The turquoise and white jacket trimmed in shells that I purchased two years ago and will wear forever. The fact that she lives her life in living color... influenced by her travels. And now there is more to love, she has ventured into interior design. It's all gorgeous. And I want it. All of it.

Photo:  Tory Burch.

Photo:  Tory Burch.


So, imagine my excitement when a longtime friend who knows me all to well, sent me the best gift ever: Tory Burch in Color. It's hot off the press and fabulous. Just like Tory. She groups everything into sections by color so you can see it all: fashion, interiors, travels and more. I give the book a 10 after devouring it this weekend. A beautiful addition to my collection of inspiration books.

Tory Burch 1.jpg

But the best part of all?




This cherished friend, who has a BIG career of her own and is fabulous in her own right, took the time and was thoughtful enough to send me such a special gift. She knew it was the perfect choice. That's what makes a friend. They just know things. Like when you could use a little inspiration. 

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