Home inspirations: Romancing the closet

Technically, it is still the new year.  So, if one of your resolutions was to gain some control over your closet, check out the fun, fast and affordable tips from Spectacular Spaces that were in my column in the Saturday Fort Myers News-Press.

Wrenda Goodwyn • special to news-press.com • January 29, 2011

In "Sex & the City," Carrie Bradshaw told Mr. Big that she would rather have a really big closet than a diamond. It is a woman thing.

Closets are very complicated. They have the power to make us feel happy, fat, thin, sad, unsettled. It is an emotional relationship that we have with our closet.

As a decorator, I get to peek into a lot of closets. They tell me a lot about my clients. And I tell my clients that your closet is the one area in your home that you can control with minimal expense and effort.

Keep your closet organized with an Elfa system.

We go into the closet at least 10 times a day. It is first place we stop in the morning. And usually the last stop at night. Unless you have a Mr. Big around to drop a bundle, a Carrie-style closet is probably out of reach. But I have tips on doing a closet makeover that will give your closet a designer look.Keep your closet organized with an Elfa system.

If your budget allows for a total redo of the closet - including lighting furnishings, drawers and all of the amenities - go for it. You can also check out some of my favorite closet systems: California Closets, Elfa at the Container Store and IKEA Pax. These vary in a medium price range and are easy to customize.

For budget systems that are easy to install, try Closet Maid (Lowe's and Home Depot) and Rubbermaid.

Once you have a system in place, we need to make it pretty:

- Select a yummy paint color. This will give you immediate results. I love Benjamin Moore's Blue Dusk.

- Depending on the size of your closet, pick out a beautiful runner or square rug. Something whimsical and fun. West Elm's Chrysanthemum rug is hand-tufted wool and starts at $129 for a runner.

Glam up your closet with this small chandelier from Pottery Barn.

- Add some glamour with a chandelier. Replace the horrid fluorescent light and sparkle things up with something inexpensive chandeliers in its “teen” catalog.

- On the top shelves, put pretty baskets (Pier 1) for storage. Keep one on the floor for flip flops. Purchase a glass head (also Pier 1) to keep sun hats in shape and organized.

- Take off the closet doors. Seriously. Take them off and do a swag of beautiful fabric with a tassel tie-back on each side. Instant glitz!

- If there is room, include a small chest or piece of furniture with drawers for belts and scarves. As far as arranging your clothes, there is a trick to this that I have discovered after years of striving for the perfectly arranged closet: Put your prettiest things where you will see them when you open the door. And most important, get rid of anything that does not make you happy.

Wrenda Goodwyn is a Southwest Florida interior decorator. Visit her website at spectacularspaces.com. Call her at 949-1808 or e-mail wrenda@spectacularspaces.com. For more decorating tips and photos, visit spectacularspaces.com/blog