Lessons learned from the flying trapeze

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, I flew on a trapeze.

I won’t say that it was completely done with “the greatest of ease,” but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. 

Along with three colleagues, I was invited by Trapeze Federation to try out their newest location on International Drive in Orlando. It’s difficult to describe. It's a total body workout (they teach you what to do on the ground before you head up the ladder). 

You may remember Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex in the City episode, “The Catch.”She tries out the trapeze and gets to the last part and misses the catch. It is a hilarious episode.

I’ve always believed that every now and then I need a challenge of learning something new that's totally out of my comfort zone. This did it for me.

Trapeze 1.jpg

Practicing on the ground. I am going to reach how far to catch the bar? There are four parts and the great staff make sure that you have some degree of confidence before going to each new step.

The first step is just climbing up the ladder (30 feet). As trainer Efe Ilkay says, “It looks a lot higher when you are up on the platform.”


Trapeze 2.jpg

If climbing the ladder (step two) doesn't make you cry, you (harnessed) step out ready or not! on the platform and reach out (way out), grab the bar and swing! Yes. swing. Just like when you were a kid.

Step three, you repeat the swing and this time, hang by your knees. Step four, you repeat and this time let go and complete the catch with a strong trainer who makes it all look easy. And did I mention the net? The best part, falling into the net. Seriously.

Trapeze 8.jpg

Wheeeeeee...Like Carrie Bradshaw, I did not make it through the catch but I plan to go back to finish it as trainer Rhiannon Rae Ellis suggested. Sign me up. I will be back.

What I learned:

Trapeze 6.JPG

Just do it. Head up the ladder and pretend that you aren’t afraid.Am I doing this?

Look straight ahead. Not down. Not back. Stay focused on what is in front of you. I think this is great advice even if you aren’t on a trapeze. Looking back gets you absolutely nowhere and looking down is just plain scary.

Trapeze 7.JPG

Don't look down! Don’ttalk. Just listen. As the wise Efe says, it is more mental than physical. So listen to the instructions as they shout them out and you will have it. Easy peasy.

Don’t over think it. Over analyze or ponder it. Too much thinking and it won’t come together. It is better to be prepared but then just jump in and get it done.

Relax. This might not sound so easy on a trapeze but the truth is that it’s impossible to worry about anything else when you are up there. So live in the moment and enjoy the ride. I did.