Refresh your home for spring!

Springlike weather has arrived in southwest Florida, and this is the time of year that most of us start thinking about what we can do to our homes to spruce them up a little for a new season. Although we don’t really have a change in seasons, even in Florida, it is fun to make a transition from the winter months into spring. So, if your home is in need of a little decorating magic to give it a new look for spring, check out the tips below from our latest News-Press Column.

Wrenda Goodwyn • special to • February 26, 2011

Start at the front door. Paint the door a fresh, new color. Purchase two ceramic pots which you can leave as they are or paint them a beautiful spring color and put them at the entry. Or to save money, buy plastic pots and paint them. Fill them with seasonal flowers.


• Think about color. Maybe an accent wall that you have wanted to try. Or perhaps you would like to replace a color in a bathroom with a beautiful white and give it a spa look with all white accessories. Or add some color with a new set of towels or sheets.

• Rotate your artwork. Everyone has too much art. Keep some of your favorite pieces and switch them out. Spectacular spaces recommends doing this seasonally. And while you are thinking about art, do some rearranging to give your walls an art gallery look. Hint: Less is more.

• Rearrange and regroup. Too many collections scattered around? Or maybe your taste has changed. Don’t be afraid to eliminate something that you no longer love and open a space for something new and wonderful.

• Declutter. Get rid of anything that you do not love. This one alone will make a world of difference.

• Lighten up. Evaluate your furniture. Is it too heavy for the room? Think about replacing cumbersome pieces as your budget permits.


• Add beautiful fabric. Pillows, throws, linens, rugs. Upholster a headboard. This is the perfect time to replace these items with new and fresh. Plus, sales are everywhere!

• Refresh. Paint all of your window sills and baseboards with a fresh coat of paint. Do this each spring and see an amazing difference for a few dollars.

• Be creative. Start a collection. Go to flea markets and bring home an accent piece. Take a pottery course. Learn flower arranging. Rearrange the furniture. Mix it up.

• Keep it simple. Put fresh flowers in every room. Fill a bowl with green or red apples or lemons. Try a new scent (my favorite: The new Yankee Candle Country Lemonade).

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