Outdoor living spaces: Makeover for a Bonita Springs lanai

One of Spectacular Spaces most rewarding interior decorating projects done recently was this Bonita Springs condo.

It is interesting how we all get used to the rooms in our homes. Then one day we wake up and suddenly realize that we are really tired of it and need an interior makeover!   And we can't make the change fast enough.  Out with the old and in with the new! There is not necessarily anything "wrong." We just need a change in our room designs.

Like this lovely condo in Bonita Bay...the lanai was ready for an update. So, Spectacular Spaces came up with decorating ideas and provided the design services to get them done.

photo of condo lanai before makeoverBEFORE
photo of condo lanai during makeoverDURINGPhoto of condo lanai after makeoverAFTERMeticulously cared for by its out of state owners, the condo is used for weekend family getaways and golf vacations. The lanai functions as a dining area for entertaining guests and is comfortable enough to serve as a place to relax, watch TV and to enjoy the view.
We were happy to be given the go-ahead to redo the entire lanai. The owner wanted it to reflect the feeling and colors of its southwest Florida location and to give it a beachy, whimsical look. This is what we did:
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