Time for my own makeover

It was time. Past time. I needed to practice what I tell my clients and do a complete makeover.

So, I collaborated once again with Squarespace web designer and someone who has become my good friend, Melody Watson.

Melody does for me what I try to do for my Southwest Florida clients every day. She inspires me to think outside the box. Encourages me to let let go of what no longer works for me and to make space for something better and more beautiful.  As a Fort Myers-based interior decorator and News-Press writer of all things design-oriented, this is my mantra.


It takes courage to embark on a makeover. We all want an amazing, blissful and beautiful space. It takes a lot of trust in your designer and you have to be fearless. Whether designing a room in your home or a new website.

I always ask my clients to tell me how they want their home to feel l when they walk in the front door. And then I work with them create that feeling. And it was that way with this new website.  I told Melody the feeling I wanted to convey and she helped me get there.

Having always been rather fearless, it took trusting my designer to help me create a new, refreshed Spectacular Spaces.  You be the judge!