Travels: If this is Thursday, I must be in Paris!

Laduree (2).JPG

I am convinced that the best adventures and memories are those that you don't plan.  They just present themselves.

The call came early Monday morning to my London hotel room.  My dear Orlando friend had just landed in Paris.  She was there to visit her son for two weeks.  This was a special invitation that meant a lot to me because he and his brother were in my wedding and he played (beautifully) the piano.  He now has a hugely successful career in Paris, speaks many languages and is quite European. Having been in Paris for many years, he is the perfect guide!

"Get on Eurostar on Thursday and come to see us," she said.  "And spend the night."

Please, twist my arm!


I was to hop on Eurostar, the very cool train that runs under the English Channel and in two and a half hours deposits you in Paris.  How much fun is that?

So I did.  It was a perfect day.  Even if it was only one day in Paris.


They picked me up at the train station in Paris and what else, we went for croissants and coffee.  Had our picture taken in front of the Eiffel Tower (to go with the tons of photos that we have from our long friendship).  Walked down the Champs-Elysees.  Had a leisurely lunch at the fabulous Ladurée (oh, those macaroons!).  Did a run through the Quai Branly Museum.  Headed to the country to her son's beautiful home in a quaint village.  Dinner and a fireplace.  A walk in the woods with their sweet dog.


In the play Billy Elliott, Billy tells us that if "you want to dance, dance."  Don't wait for perfection or for all of the planets to be perfectly aligned.  Just do it. 

That was my day.  I had a chance to go to Paris and I just did it.  Even if it was only for a day.  It was one I will always remember. And those macaroons!  It was perfect.