Travel New Zealand: A "happy day" in Devonport

With a free day on my own in Auckland, New Zealand, I headed downtown  for a 10-minute ferry ride  to beautiful Devonport. Directly across from Auckland, and actually a suburb of Auckland, it was recommended to me by the helpful Air New Zealand concierge as a must-see on my day to explore.

Photo of Auckland HarborView of Auckland from Devonport.With four beaches, a charming downtown, Victorian houses, art galleries, spectacular views of Auckland City and its magnificent harbor, Devonport is steeped in maritime history. High on the Kiwi's must-do list, it is the 4th most visited destination in the region. It's natural beauty is only surpassed by the friendliness of it's residents. Helpful and welcoming.

I spent hours touring Devonport.  It's two twin volcanic cones (Mt. Victoria and North Head). The new Naval Museum at Torpedo Bay. Walked through tunnels and military barracks that go back to 1870. And of course, looking at every beautiful house and garden along the way. One of my guides, born and raised in Devonport and an avid sailor, said that no one ever leaves to live anywhere else.  Why would they?

Before reluctantly heading back on the ferry, I went into a cafe for coffee and asked the owner if I might have the password for the wifi. She smiled and said, " Happy Day." And it truly was.



Photo of Devonport Home

Photo of Devonport Home

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