Antiquing at High Point Design Market

At the High Point Antique & Design Market.

At the High Point Antique & Design Market.


Fall is the season for antiquing so I began my annual trek of all things vintage and gorgeous at the High Point Antique and Design Market.

To summarize: it was pure bliss. I could have spent a month there. 

This favorite venue of the world's hippest retailers and leading-edge designers features exquisite antiques, vintage pieces (my favorites), original works of art and one-of-a-kind finds.

DSC05258 - Copy.JPG

As a Fort Myers interior decorator, for myself and my clients, I love to use vintage pieces as accents. It's a little tricky to incorporate these pieces and at the same time keep your home from looking like grandma's house or a flea market.


A few tips when decorating with antiques:

  • Use an antique to anchor your room.
  • Don't be afraid to paint to give the piece a modern look.
  • Avoid a cluttered look. Minimal is best. Don't surround the piece with lots of other "old" things.
  • Pair old with mode
  • Update upholstery with a gorgeous, contemporary pattern.
  • Create a backdrop for the piece. A corner with artwork. A vignette that shows off the antique.

Just a few of my fun finds:

DSC05254 - Copy.JPG
DSC05259 - Copy.JPG
DSC05256 - Copy.JPG
Photo 3 Antique architectural pieces for accents.JPG
Photo 7 Fun old elements and accessories to give a room personality.JPG
Antique Center.jpg